Francis Jacquerye (far right), Monte Rosa, 4554 metre (14941 ft.) above sea level.

Francis Jacquerye (far right), Monte Rosa, 4554 metre (14941 ft.) above sea level.

Techné's creative manager Francis Jacquerye has an unusual background: born in the Greater Congo from a Belgian surgeon and a historian, he grew up between Belgium, Canada and Great Britain before successively working as an industrial designer in Italy, Switzerland and Sweden.

A 2002 mountain climb helped to cristallise his determination and adaptiveness, and Francis went on to successfully launch his first watch design patent on the market, complete an apprenticeship in goldsmithing, become a skipper and train as a watch assembly operator in Geneva. In 2007 he registered the trademark Techné, based on the Ancient Greek word for "technique".

By 2009 Francis released a series of 100 watches that were inspired by his personal life journey and that were meant to celebrate boldness, self-reliance and adventure. Three years later, an eclectic lifestyle store from Brooklyn asked to feature the watches and helped put the nascent brand Techné on the map.

To this day, more than 15,000 Techné watches have been put into production and the brand is sold on four continents in more than 85 stores near cities such as Melbourne, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, New York, Newcastle UK, London UK, Brussels, Luxembourg city, Lausanne, Oslo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Hokkaido and Osaka.

Press Reviews

After just a brief moment with the founder… I was impressed not only by the design and value argument of cost VS. quality in his watches, but also his honest enthusiasm and knowledge for watches overall. Clearly his own driving desire to create Techné watches superseded a mere business plan for monetary gain…
— Gary Girdvainis, 2014, AboutTime magazine Editor-in-Chief
Techné is a brand specialized in great looking pilot watches with even more outstanding prices, they are one of the few brands who are as committed to design as they are to quality and value…
At a time when fashion watches are all starting to look so much the same and do so because most are controlled by a few monolithic conglomerates; it’s great to come across a little known brand that strikes all the right chords at a ridiculously low price…
Here’s an excellent example of a successful international partnership in the creation of a watch brand. A watchmaking professional focused on blending quality and good taste, and not afraid to work with the best suppliers in Asia. An overview of designs that are successful in all aspects year after year…
— Montres Bonnes Affaires